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All Solapur Janata Sahakari Bank Limited branches of Maharashtra with MICR and IFSC Code

Solapur Janata Sahakari Bank Limited have 41 branches in Maharashtra.

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#Branch NameDistrictIFSC Code
1 Akkalkot Branch Solapur SJSB0000021
2 Asara Nagar Branch Solapur SJSB0000014
3 Bale Branch Solapur SJSB0000016
4 Barshi Branch Solapur SJSB0000003
5 Dhayari Branch Pune SJSB0000030
6 Ganj Golai Branch Latur SJSB0000029
7 Jule Solapur Branch Solapur SJSB0000031
8 Kalam Branch Osmanabad SJSB0000023
9 Kasbe Tadwale Branch Osmanabad SJSB0000005
10 Kolhapur Branch Kolhapur SJSB0000037
11 Kothrud Branch Pune SJSB0000033
12 Latur Branch Latur SJSB0000022
13 Madha Branch Solapur SJSB0000013
14 Malshiras Branch Solapur SJSB0000025
15 Mangalwqar Peth Branch Solapur SJSB0000002
16 Market Yard Branch Solapur SJSB0000010
17 Market Yard Branch Pune SJSB0000028
18 Mohol Branch Solapur SJSB0000024
19 Mumbai Branch Mumbai SJSB0000018
20 Nanded Branch Nanded SJSB0000035
21 Nasik Branch Nasik SJSB0000034
22 Navi Peth Branch Solapur SJSB0000099
23 Omerga Branch Osmanabad SJSB0000007
24 Osmanabad Branch Osmanabad SJSB0000027
25 Pacha Peth Branch Solapur SJSB0000006
26 Pandharpur Branch Solapur SJSB0000017
27 Pimpari Branch Pimpari Chinchwad SJSB0000036
28 Rly Line Branch Solapur SJSB0000008
29 Rtgs-ho Branch Solapur SJSB0000001
30 Sadar Bazar Branch Solapur SJSB0000004
31 Sangola Branch Solapur SJSB0000019
32 Shelgi Naka Branch Solapur SJSB0000015
33 Solapur Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd Branch Beed SJSB0000039
34 Solapur Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd Branch Solapur SJSB0000040
35 Solapur Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd Branch Barshi SJSB0000041
36 South Kasba Branch Solapur SJSB0000009
37 Tilak Road Branch Pune SJSB0000026
38 Udgir Branch Latur SJSB0000020
39 Ujani Ngara Branch Solapur SJSB0000011
40 Vijapur Road Branch Solapur SJSB0000012
41 Waluj Branch Aurangabad SJSB0000032

Updated on : Mar 30, 2020