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All The Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Bank Limited branches of Andhra Pradesh with MICR and IFSC Code

The Andhra Pradesh State Cooperative Bank Limited have 411 branches in Andhra Pradesh.

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#Branch NameDistrictIFSC Code
1 A.o Branch Guntur APBL0007002
2 Acb Branch Guntur APBL0007003
3 Addanki Branch Prakasam APBL0008002
4 Adoni Branch Kurnool APBL0013002
5 Agiripalli Branch Krishna APBL0006036
6 Akividu Branch West Godavari APBL0005003
7 Alamuru Branch East Godavari APBL0004002
8 Allagadda Branch Kurnool APBL0013003
9 Allavaram Branch East Godavari APBL0004003
10 Allur Branch Nellore APBL0009021
11 Alur Branch Kurnool APBL0013004
12 Amadalavalasa Branch Srikakulam APBL0001002
13 Amalapuram Branch East Godavari APBL0004004
14 Amaravathi Branch Guntur APBL0007004
15 Anakapalle Branch Visakhapatnam APBL0003002
16 Anantapur Branch Anantapur APBL0012025
17 Anantapur Branch Anantapur APBL0012001
18 Anantapur Branch Anantapur APBL0012002
19 Anantapur Branch Anantapur APBL0012020
20 Anaparthi Branch East Godavari APBL0004005
21 Angara Branch East Godavari APBL0004006
22 Annavaram Branch East Godavari APBL0004007
23 Atmakur Branch Nellore APBL0009003
24 Atmakur Branch Anantapur APBL0012023
25 Atmakur Branch Kurnool APBL0013005
26 Atreyapuram Branch East Godavari APBL0004008
27 Attili Branch West Godavari APBL0005004
28 Avanigadda Branch Krishna APBL0006009
29 B.kothakota Branch Chittoor APBL0010002
30 B.nidamanur Branch Prakasam APBL0008003
31 Badvel Branch Kadapa APBL0011002
32 Balijipetabranch Branch Vizianagaram APBL0002017
33 Banaganapalli Branch Kurnool APBL0013006
34 Bangarupalem Branch Chittoor APBL0010003
35 Bantumilli Branch Krishna APBL0006018
36 Bapatla Branch Guntur APBL0007005
37 Bestavarapet Branch Prakasam APBL0008004
38 Bethamcherla Branch Kurnool APBL0013021
39 Bheemunipatnam Branch Visakhapatnam APBL0003003
40 Bhimadole Branch West Godavari APBL0005005
41 Bhimavaram (bazar) Branch West Godavari APBL0005008
42 Bhimavaram (main) Branch West Godavari APBL0005007
43 Bobbili Branch Vizianagaram APBL0002002
44 Brundavan Gardens Branch Guntur APBL0000003
45 Buttaigudem Branch West Godavari APBL0005006
46 Chagallu Branch West Godavari APBL0005010
47 Challapalli Branch Krishna APBL0006014
48 Chandarlapadu Branch Krishna APBL0006038
49 Chatrai Branch Krishna APBL0006047
50 Chebrole Branch Guntur APBL0007007
51 Cheepurupalle Branch Vizianagaram APBL0002003
52 Chenchupet Branch Guntur APBL0000014
53 Cherukupalli Branch Guntur APBL0007008
54 Chilakaluripet Branch Guntur APBL0007009
55 Chimakurthi Branch Prakasam APBL0008005
56 Chinagottigallu Branch Chittoor APBL0010004
57 Chinnapuram Branch Krishna APBL0006048
58 Chintalapudi Branch West Godavari APBL0005009
59 Chirala Branch Prakasam APBL0008006
60 Chittoor Branch Chittoor APBL0010001
61 Chittoor Branch Chittoor APBL0010006
62 Chittoor Branch Chittoor APBL0010010
63 Chitvel Branch Kadapa APBL0011020
64 Chodavaram Branch Visakhapatnam APBL0003004
65 Chowdepalle Branch Chittoor APBL0010005
66 Cuddapah Branch Kadapa APBL0011013
67 Cuddapah Branch Kadapa APBL0011001
68 Cuddapah Branch Kadapa APBL0011018
69 Cuddapah Branch Kadapa APBL0011009
70 Currency Nagar Branch Krishna APBL0000011
71 Dachepalli Branch Guntur APBL0007011
72 Darsi Branch Prakasam APBL0008007
73 Dccb Kakinada Ambajipeta Branch East Godavari APBL0004050
74 Dccb Kakinada Rampachodavaram Branch East Godavari APBL0004052
75 Dccb Kakinada Sakhinetipalli Branch East Godavari APBL0004051
76 Devarapalli Branch Visakhapatnam APBL0003005
77 Dharmavaram Branch Anantapur APBL0012003
78 Dhone Branch Kurnool APBL0013007
79 Distcoopbankltd Srkl Challavanipeta Branch Srikakulam APBL0001015
80 Distcoopbankltd Srkl Gara Branch Srikakulam APBL0001016
81 Draksharama Branch East Godavari APBL0004010
82 Duggirala Branch Guntur APBL0007012
83 Duvvur Branch Kadapa APBL0011024
84 Dwaraka Tirumala Branch West Godavari APBL0005011
85 Dwarakanagar Branch Branch Visakhapatnam APBL0003006
86 Elamanchili Branch West Godavari APBL0005013
87 Eluru Bazar Branch West Godavari APBL0005012
88 G.konduru Branch Krishna APBL0006039
89 Gajapathinagaram Branch Vizianagaram APBL0002004
90 Gajuwaka Branch Visakhapatnam APBL0003007
91 Galiveedu Branch Kadapa APBL0011021
92 Gampalagudem Branch Krishna APBL0006031
93 Ganapavaram Branch West Godavari APBL0005014
94 Gandepalli Branch East Godavari APBL0004011
95 Gandhiplace Branch Branch Visakhapatnam APBL0003008
96 Gangadharnallore Branch Chittoor APBL0010007
97 Gangavaram Branch East Godavari APBL0004012
98 Gannavaram Branch Krishna APBL0000004
99 Gannavaram Branch Krishna APBL0006011
100 Gantyada Branch Vizianagaram APBL0002005

Updated on : Mar 30, 2020