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All The Kangra Central Cooperative Bank Limited branches of Himachal Pradesh with MICR and IFSC Code

The Kangra Central Cooperative Bank Limited have 218 branches in Himachal Pradesh.

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#Branch NameDistrictIFSC Code
1 Adhwani Branch Kangra KACE0000179
2 Ajouli Branch Una KACE0000114
3 Alampur Branch Kangra KACE0000189
4 Amb Branch Una KACE0000009
5 Ani Branch Kulu KACE0000020
6 Anoo Branch Hamirpur KACE0000063
7 Awahdevi Branch Hamirpur KACE0000167
8 Badukhar Branch Kangra KACE0000052
9 Bagli Branch Kangra KACE0000097
10 Baijnath Branch Kangra KACE0000016
11 Bail Branch Kulu KACE0000117
12 Bajaura Branch Kulu KACE0000108
13 Baloh Branch Hamirpur KACE0000185
14 Bangana Branch Una KACE0000034
15 Bani Branch Hamirpur KACE0000098
16 Banjar Branch Kulu KACE0000010
17 Bankhandi Branch Kangra KACE0000136
18 Bara Branch Hamirpur KACE0000065
19 Baranda Branch Kangra KACE0000170
20 Barsar Branch Hamirpur KACE0000011
21 Baruhi Branch Una KACE0000223
22 Basal Branch Una KACE0000176
23 Bathu Branch Una KACE0000197
24 Behdala Branch Una KACE0000209
25 Bhadsali Branch Una KACE0000198
26 Bhadwar Branch Kangra KACE0000142
27 Bhaleth Branch Hamirpur KACE0000193
28 Bhareri Branch Hamirpur KACE0000134
29 Bharmar Branch Kangra KACE0000039
30 Bharwain Branch Una KACE0000154
31 Bhawarna Branch Kangra KACE0000093
32 Bheri Branch Kangra KACE0000173
33 Bhijari Branch Hamirpur KACE0000036
34 Bhoranj Branch Hamirpur KACE0000025
35 Bhota Branch Hamirpur KACE0000061
36 Bhunter Branch Kulu KACE0000041
37 Bhutti Colony Branch Kulu KACE0000130
38 Bhutti-lag Valley Branch Kulu KACE0000211
39 Bir Branch Kangra KACE0000070
40 Bir Bhagerha Branch Hamirpur KACE0000133
41 Brow Branch Kulu KACE0000216
42 Chadiar Branch Kangra KACE0000102
43 Chakmoh Branch Hamirpur KACE0000137
44 Chalwara Branch Kangra KACE0000165
45 Chamunda Branch Kangra KACE0000188
46 Chanour Branch Kangra KACE0000066
47 Charri Branch Kangra KACE0000100
48 Chintpurni Branch Una KACE0000017
49 Chougan Bir Branch Kangra KACE0000140
50 Chougan Nurpur Branch Kangra KACE0000118
51 Chouri Branch Hamirpur KACE0000149
52 Dada-siba Branch Kangra KACE0000023
53 Dagoh Branch Kangra KACE0000220
54 Dah Kulara Branch Kangra KACE0000201
55 Dalas Branch Kulu KACE0000074
56 Damtal Branch Kangra KACE0000092
57 Danoa Branch Kangra KACE0000057
58 Daraman Branch Kangra KACE0000186
59 Darang Branch Kangra KACE0000138
60 Dari Branch Kangra KACE0000129
61 Daroh Branch Kangra KACE0000148
62 Daultpur Chowk Branch Una KACE0000014
63 Dehlan Branch Una KACE0000177
64 Dehra Branch Kangra KACE0000008
65 Deol Branch Kangra KACE0000082
66 Dhameta Branch Kangra KACE0000022
67 Dhaneta Branch Hamirpur KACE0000045
68 Dhangu Pir Branch Kangra KACE0000120
69 Dharamshala Branch Kangra KACE0000002
70 Dheera Branch Kangra KACE0000049
71 Didwin Tikkar Branch Hamirpur KACE0000101
72 Dosarka Branch Hamirpur KACE0000210
73 Duhak Branch Palampur KACE0000205
74 Dullehar Branch Una KACE0000152
75 Durah Branch Kulu KACE0000160
76 Dushara Branch Una KACE0000087
77 Gaggal Branch Kangra KACE0000058
78 Gagret Branch Una KACE0000037
79 Galore Branch Hamirpur KACE0000046
80 Gander Branch Kangra KACE0000203
81 Gandhi Nagar Branch Kulu KACE0000099
82 Gangath Branch Kangra KACE0000031
83 Ganoh Branch Kangra KACE0000178
84 Garh Jamula Branch Kangra KACE0000204
85 Garsa Branch Kulu KACE0000213
86 Ghahlian Branch Kangra KACE0000111
87 Gondpur Banera Branch Una KACE0000199
88 Govt. College Una Branch Una KACE0000096
89 Gushani Branch Kulu KACE0000212
90 Hamirpur Branch Hamirpur KACE0000005
91 Hareta Branch Hamirpur KACE0000183
92 Haripur Branch Kangra KACE0000021
93 Haroli Branch Una KACE0000048
94 Harsar Branch Kangra KACE0000043
95 Harsi Branch Kangra KACE0000190
96 Indora Branch Kangra KACE0000076
97 Jaban Branch Kulu KACE0000109
98 Jahu Branch Hamirpur KACE0000123
99 Jaisinghpur Branch Kangra KACE0000086
100 Jalag Branch Kangra KACE0000219

Updated on : Mar 30, 2020