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MGME - Mccluskieganj Railway Station (East Central Railway Zone)

    List of Train passing via Mccluskieganj Railway Station

    # Train name (no.) Sch. Arrival Sch. Dept. Halt Time Origin / Dest. Station
    M T W T F S S
    1 Shaktipunj Express
    15:50 15:52 2 min O: Jabalpur
    D: Howrah Junction
    Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    2 Shaktipunj Express
    22:59 23:01 2 min O: Howrah Junction
    D: Jabalpur
    Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    3 Palamou Express
    19:15 19:17 2 min O: Barka Kana
    D: Patna Junction
    Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    4 Palamou Express
    05:58 06:00 2 min O: Patna Junction
    D: Barka Kana
    Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

    Updated on : Mar 30, 2020